Firearm Engraving

At Gray Laser Engraving, we offer precision firearm engraving for all businesses and residents of San Antonio, TX. From handguns engravings used to etch in a manufacturer’s information, to decorative firearm engraving for added flair, our services can provide you with accurate engravings from the latest technology.

Handgun Engraving

Every gun that is manufactured in the United States must have the manufacturer’s information etched onto the firearm. At Gray Laser Engraving, our pistol engraving services use the latest technology to accurately and precisely engrave a wide variety of materials, including polymer, wood, and more.

Short Barrel Rifles

In addition to our handgun engravings, we can also engrave and mark short barrel rifles for gun manufacturers. We can etch in all of the required details at the minimum depth requirement to ensure that your guns meet all ATF requirements.


To add a little flair to your slide, frame, and/or receiver, we at Gray Laser Engraving offer decorative engravings for all firearms. Our services feature the most popular designs on the market, as well as patterns for the Remington 870.

AK-47 Rifles

Our AK-47 engraving services offer personalized engravings in addition to fire selector markings. Our library of fire selector markings features a variety of languages, including Albanian, Chinese, German, Polish, and more.


Finally, our gun engraving services also feature engravings and markings for firearms made out of polymer. We have engraved hundreds of CZ Scorpions for our customers and are ready to engrave a hundred more!

To learn more about our firearm engraving services, contact Gray Laser Engraving today!