Short Barrel Rifles

If you’re interested in having your short barreled rifle engraved, send us your item and use the mail in form at this link. Fill out the form and include the rifle model, desired location of engraving and the text that you’d like us to add and your contact info. We will call you for credit card payment after your engraving is done.

Turn around time is about 2 days!

Some of the required information for engraving is the name of the manufacturer (you) or the trust name. Followed by the city/state. It must be engraved in a plain font in a readily readable location. The minimum depth requirement is .003 inches and .0625 inches in height. We normally engrave to .005″ so that you can coat the gun with any of the coating endurance products without a problem at a later date. We can also engrave through any coating product without any problem. We also touch up the engraved area with a proprietary blackening agent that leaves the surface permanently coated and protected in the engraved area.


All rifle receivers sent in for engraving CAN be stripped down in order to make shipping less expensive. We can do engraving whether the receiver is stripped or not. Our default location for the engraving is over the trigger pins on the right side if available. On the form which you include with your receiver you can specify the engraving location of your choice. You can also add an image to the magwell if desired. We charge $60 plus shipping for doing the ATF NFA required engraving. All engraving done to meet ATF spec’s. The additional charge for an image on the mag is typically $22.50.