50 Cal/20mm Bottle Openers

Our newest product is our impressive 20mm bottle opener!

It is 2x as big as the 50 cal. It is priced right at $50.00 with engraving to impress anyone you give it to. Each 50 Cal. Opener can be engraved with your choice of a name, logo, company or any combination. Email me on what you want engraved and I will send you a PayPal bill or you can pay by credit card. Call us at 210-877-2400 or email me at Bill@GrayLaser.com.

Everyone who comes in our shop wants to touch these, they seem to be drawn to these like magnets. If you engrave your company name on them, no one will ever throw it away. If you give it as a gift, they will keep it forever… and yes, you can have something different on each one in quantity orders if you wish. A great gift for your wedding party!

  • 20mm 1 – $50.00 with engraving
  • 50 cal. 1 – $19.95 with engraving
  • 2 to 4 – $17.50
  • 5 or More – $16.00
  • 25 or More – $13.00
  • 100 or Over – $12.00