Full Color

Now full color canvas prints of your baby, dog or hunting photos

Available in 8×10 and 18×24 in striking Color.

Full Color of your favorite picture, logo, or whatever you can think of on your Yeti-type cup.



UV Printing Services

Gray Laser Engraving now has a UV Full Color flat bed printer as part of our equipment. For those unfamiliar with UV printing, allow me to give a brief explanation of the many advantages. For one thing, items when printed are ready to use as they exit the machine. The UV light set the ink in a fraction of a second. We have the ability to print on a wide array of substrates, including glass, metal, plastics, board stock, acrylics, wood and leather. In fact we can print on almost anything. The UV set ink is permanent and weather proof, so the items can be used outside. The ink sticks permanently to almost any surface and looks great for years to come.

Personalized Sporting Equipment

We have a large working area of 24 inches by 17.7 inches and items up to 11.7 inches tall, like a basketball with your son or daughter’s picture on the ball. We also have the capability to print in up to 1400 dpi. This is very detailed engraving; truly High Definition. In fact, sporting equipment is a great category to personalize for pride of your team or proof of ownership. We can personalize print baseballs, bats, pickle ball paddles, and the list is as long as your athletic equipment locker.

Commercial UV Printing

Looking for ways to promote your business? We offer commercial UV printing services and can print your company’s logo on marketing swag, Yeti style cups, USB drives, plastic water bottles and more, all in full color at a reasonable price. Let’s WOW the crowd of your potential clients at your next trade show or event with fast reliable custom color UV printing on your promo items. We can also do custom printing on smartphone cases.

Canvas Printing

What about great gift items? We can turn your pictures of the new baby, a sporting moment, your hunting trip or anything you have a picture of that you like. We turn that cherished picture into a keepsake on canvas and it will almost look like an oil painting. Want to customize that guitar or guitar case? We can print any image on the surface permanently! How about a bird scene or military logo on your gun stock? Looks great!

Texture Printing

We can also do texture printings. Yes, the basketball in the picture feels like a basketball when you touch the picture. How cool is that?! We can make the picture on canvas include brushstrokes. We can include braille instructions on the bottom of your signs, fully ADA compliant.

Everyone has something they have needed to get engraved. Let Gray Laser Engraving be your go to shop! We offer same day appointments and 2 day turnaround time on large orders.